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A project to build exascale-capable
algorithms for OpenFOAM.


The goal of the project is to create a robust and flexible interface allowing the open-source software library Ginkgo to be used for numerical operations in OpenFOAM, and to enable these simulations to be exascale-capable.

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windsor body scaling test
Windsor body micro benchmark scaling test Image: Upstream CFD GmbH, 2023

The Windsor body micro-benchmark is designed to enable weak scaling analysis, so we can identify bottlenecks in the code and push towards exascale computing. Identifying optimisation potential based on industrially relevant cases will help us develop innovative technology for efficient simulations in real world design processes. The EXASIM team is looking forward to seeing how our hard work will have a positive impact for industry.

Impinging jet simulation
Visualisation of a passive scalar for the Impinging jet micro benchmark case Image: Davide Gatti, ISTM, 2024
Mexico rotor ALM simulation
Velocity coloured iso-surface of Q-criterion for the MEXICO rotor micro benchmark Image: Upstream CFD GmbH, 2024

An assortment of OpenFOAM cases designed for HPC testing is incorporated in the EXASIM benchmark suite. They are setup to be used with our dedicated framework for large parametric OpenFOAM studies based on signac. You can find the code for the OpenFOAM Benchmark Runner (OBR) on Github.


Partners &

upstream cfd gmbh - Logo

Our partner Upstream CFD prepares benchmark cases, runs application cases and analyses code performance.

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Karlsruher Institut für Technologie - Logo

At KIT the interface between OpenFOAM and Ginkgo is being developed, together with efficient boundary conditions.

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Providing multiple wind-energy application cases, in atmospheric conditions and complex terrain.

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aws - Logo

Providing access to a multitude of hardware configurations to test code development.

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